Kite courses in Rhodes


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Learn kitesurfing at our kitesurf center in Rhodes

For an easy and safe start into kitesurfing we offer you our beginner kite course, where you learn all the important basics of kitesurfing and can get the VDWS kite license. Our training material is always up to date and you will be introduced to the latest kitesurfing equipment and safety system. This makes learning to kitesurf super easy and doable for everyone.

Kitesurfing for beginners

In this kitesurfing course you will learn step by step the basic skills of kitesurfing. The goal is for you to be able to safely continue practicing on your own after the course. For the best possible learning progress and optimal safety, the training takes place in small groups of max. 3 students per teacher and of course in your language.

1. first you need to learn the basic basics:

  • Basic knowledge of wind, area and weather conditions
  • Assembly and disassembly kite, bar, lines
  • Launching and landing the kite
  • Kitesurfing safety: Behavior on land and on the water

2. then, of course, go into the water as soon as possible:

  • Kite control
  • Water launch of the kite
  • Bodydrag on different courses
  • Right of way rules on the water
  • Methods for self-rescue

3. and depending on the talent it goes already on the kiteboard:

  • Proper alignment of body and board
  • Load on the board during planing
  • Water start
  • The first meters on the kiteboard
  • Tips & tricks for independent practice

In our kite courses the theory is mostly integrated with the practice, because only through active training with the kite optimal learning success is guaranteed!

Our kitesurfing equipment at our kitesurfing courses in Rhodes

We train with 4-line CORE material. We have a pool of brand new equipment at our disposal. Safety is always the top priority here.
To achieve higher learning success, we always teach by radio with BbTalking equipment!

VDWS Kitesurfing license

After our kitesurfing course you can do your VDWS kitesurfing license with us. With this “kitesurfing license” you have the possibility to rent kitesurfing equipment worldwide. In case of damage you have an official proof of a sound kitesurfing education.