Learn windsurfing at our windsurf center in Rhodes

You are fascinated by windsurfing, but you are not sure how and where you can learn this fascinating sport? You finally want to learn windsurfing? At Surf and Kite Theologos you are in good hands. We offer you different windsurfing courses at our windsurf center and bring your skills to a whole new level. We offer the following courses:

Windsurfing beginner course

To learn windsurfing with us, no previous experience is required. In small groups with optimal training material, learning is child’s play. Over four days of 2 hours each, our VDWS licensed instructors will get you on the board.

Windsurfing Intermediate Course

New challenges are being sought! To get closer to the dream of planing and strong wind surfing, learning basic maneuvers like jibing or beach launching on the longboard are crucial at this point. In our advanced courses we choose between the different maneuvers 3-4 depending on the desire and skill level. The surf course can be done either on your own equipment or rental equipment. Content: Refresher of the beginner course, tack, jibe, beach start, harness driving, material knowledge, safety rules.

Windsurfing kids course

Kids can also learn windsurfing playfully from a body weight of approx. 25 kg in our children’s courses with special children’s equipment. The large standing area and our professionally trained instructors offer parents and children the necessary safety.

VDWS windsurfing basic license

The internationally recognized VDWS Basic Certificate officially certifies basic windsurfing skills and gives the holder the right to go windsurfing on international waters. In addition, annoying discussions about one’s own knowledge when renting material are avoided. Just like the big ones, our little guests can also complete their surf course with a VDWS Junior certificate and thus take home their own license even if they are under 18 years old.

Windsurfing for advanced

So far mastered all hurdles and now the next step to surfing with smaller boards and more wind? Then you are ready for our advanced courses! Our trained instructors train with you your individual desired maneuver and push you to the next level.

Windsurfing equipment at our windsurfing courses in Rhodes

We train with POINT-7 sails and PATRIK boards also at our trainings. We have a pool of brand new equipment at our disposal. Safety is always the top priority here.

VDWS windsurfing license

After our windsurfing course you have the possibility to do your VDWS windsurfing license with us. With this “windsurfing license” you have the possibility to rent equipment worldwide.